Hollie’s Story Time Play House 405-366-2187

Staring-The ‘Very Naughty’ Little Red Riding Hood—-but instead of eating Grandma you can CUMM eat my Juicy Wet Pussy!
(instead of picking on those poor “3 little pigs)—-”
I’m Little Red Riding Hood- Are You The Big Bad Wolf? 405-366-2187
Lets Change it up a bit! HERE GOES!
So the Very Naughty Little Red Riding Hood (that’s me) Rides the Big Bad Wolf’s Cocks (that’s you & yours)
About time we switched up the Nursery Rhymes: 405-366-2187

So the BIG BAD WOLF CUMS over to Little Red Riding Hood’s house (I’m much tastier than the 3 little pigs and a lot more fun to EAT!)

You (the wolf) can Huff & Puff and Blow your LOAD into MY HUNGRY WET PUSSY ALL DAY LONG!!!!

And I’ll Lick & Slurp up ALL that Thick, Hot, Creamy, CUMM off the your COCK for the BIG BAD WOLF!

So MY Little Red Pussy will want to Ride YOUR BIG BAD COCK or should I say it like this..

“I’m all dressed up in my Little Red Outfit and I’m Riding Your Very Big COCK with a Very Big Hood, letting you CUM in my Very Hungry Pussy——405-366-2187
“THE BIG BAD WOLF needs to FUCK My Little NAUGHTY MOUTH, with His BIG BAD COCK- Shooting His Thick HOT CUMM down the back of my HOT WET THROAT!”
Now that’s the Way THE WAY TO STAT the Day!
So Call Hollie AKA Little Red Riding Hood @ 405-366-2187
Diary of a Phone Sex Addict- Hollie

you the big bad wolf cum to eat me? 40-366-2187

The big bad wolf cums to eat me? 40-366-2187

*Starting this week I am going to start “Hollie’s Story Time Phone Sex Play House ” I’m going to tell
stories weekly:
****CHECK BELOW FOR DETAILS**** 405-366-2187********************
*************************************************Now here’s what I mean:*********************************************************
Each week I am going to take an old story and fire it up some. It will be posted under my Fantasies:
I’m going to add my real time fun into an old time story, or like tonight marry 2 together
and make it hot!
I’m re-writing the old story!!! I’m merging Little Red Riding Hood with the 3 Little pigs!
Let me know what you think! I’m no expert at writing , now sex is a whole other matter.

Here’s what Id like from you guys :) well you know what I want….
But what I would love for ya’ll to do is send me suggestions of stories like Little Red Riding Hood,
then I’ll make the story Naughty & Hot!! Sometime I might add a vocabulary word that means something sexual
and have to have it worked into my story. example: Agoraphilia: Arousal from having sex in public places.
Then I’d Love for ya’ll to score them once up…. So for Helping me here’s what I’ll do….405-366-2187
The one that sends me the most suggestions and gives me more votes, content etc- will win something
very special…
If the content is giving to me during a call it counts as 2 entries! a two for one :)
So here is the 1st one on me- check back to see if your suggestions are post worthy,
call and help and WIN, WIN, WIN!
Entries from Hollie’s Diary if a Phone Sex Addict.

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