Am I In A Mood! -So who’s going to be the first to call and get their punishment?!

Where are all my Nasty, pathetic, little SISSY BOYS? 405-366-2187

I’m in a very Nasty Mood and want a few of my subbies to take it out on!! 405-366-2187

I want to take it out on your Pansy Ass! 405-366-2187

I want to spank it abuse it and yes FUCK that “pussy” hard and deep.. Over and Over with my brand new 12inch life like STRAP-ON cock!

I want to tie your hands behind your back – force you to your knees – and Shove my strop on deep into your mouth…….deep..deep…deeper!

I want to hear you gag and choke – I love watching your veins in your face bulge while you gasp for a little bit of air I allow you to have. 405-366-2187

I love seeing your eyes water while I am fucking your mouth…… 405-366-2187

Oh the list goes on… I just know I want to use and abuse my subs, NOW- I said NOW you miserable little pansy Ass! 405-366-2187

Are you seriously still reading this? Why are you not already dialing this number 405-366-2187 ?

—-Mistress Hollie—-

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