Ready for some Exploding of our own?!

And you don’t have to find a  firework stand to do it!

The ingredients for a very Happy after the 4th explosion:

2 phones (one for each)

1 phone line connected to you

1 phone line connected to Hollie

1 hand

several toys

Hollie’s sexy voice

one HOT discussion

Mix together for one hot steamy explosion of CUM!!!

CALL 405-366-2187

For some hot explosive fun !!




FROM MY BIO:::Call me if your exploring your sexuality, I have helped so many of my callers make that step into finding the real them…. (you know who you are)*Call me if your on the fence and need that little encouragement to make the commitment to the real you.
Are you a Rick that’s desire is to be a Ronda? call me I’ll help you find that peace that cums with being in your real skin.
When only the best will do- call me…Now that you’ve found me,  its just a matter of time before you finally fit into your skin….**

I can’t wait to hear from you!

Hollie 405-366-2187

*entry #1779: Diary of a Phone Sex Addict.


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