Skinny dipping secrets…..

Jade Jaguar here……oh my gosh Summer is my FAVORITE season and it is finally warming up around here! (Well, it’s always warm in the YD Doll house but you know what I mean) AND I love Summer for many reasons….the cute little outfits, shorts shorts, rarely wearing a bra, summer dresses, manicured toes in sexy sandals, tan skin, pool time, BBQ’d steaks, skinny dipping AND bikinis! I like to think of bikinis as the lingerie of the water….looks super yummy but even better on the floor…..  I am such a naughty girl, this I know…the bikini brings it out in me…..I confess…I do own at least 7 bikinis each year and try to keep my bikini on’cause they are so cute but am rarely with a tan line and love to be naked!!  :) Besides…. who doesn’t love to skinny dip?!  The feeling of  swimming naked is such a turn on…..What style of bikini do you enjoy seeing your favorite Doll in??  This one is by far my new favorite!  Come play with me…. tell me your skinny dipping secrets and I will tell you mine….I am soaking wet….xo

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