Soft tan skin on white sheets…..

Jade Jaguar here………….

Nothing makes me feel sexier than tan skin on white…white lace, white sheets…..its so intoxicating to me.  Definitely puts me in the mood.  Whenever my skin is tan and soft from all the coconut oil I rub on myself everyday….I love to touch my kitty and play. Play in the bathtub, in my bed, by the pool and when I talk to you.  It is sooooo sensual.  I would love for you to massage me by the pool. At dusk, my favorite time of the day….me laying there naked on a white towel….you rubbing my body with oil, my shoulders, back, I can feel you getting hard….my hips, ass, thighs, I spread my legs a little more ever so innocently.  I am hoping you will slide your fingers in between.  I am throbbing for you.  Dripping wet. Nothing feels better than having my kitty massaged while I lay on my tummy, naked and exposed to you…..I am wondering if you will play with me and take a lick of my ass?  I have been wanting this all day…….Tell me how good I taste…. tell me how bad you want me baby…..

www.yourdesires.com/jade    www.yourdesires.com   360.709.0100   polishedjade@yahoo messenger…….


Here’s peek.  xoxoxo



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