I’m new but not …

I’m sitting here, scantily dressed for the heat, hair swept up with loose curls falling at the sides, ready for  you, but I notice when I answer the phone, some of you callers are a bit weary of the new girl…I’m new but not newly sexual!

I got into this adult phone sex job because I love sex. I love fantasy. I love people. I love exploring people and their sexual fantasies along with my own.

I know you all have your favorites but how are you ever going to know if you like hot caramel fudge ice cream if every time you always order chocolate? Maybe WE have the same sexual fetish?

Think of the hot caramel dripping off of my  nipples, waiting for your tongue to catch it before it falls…or me licking hot fudge off your hard cock OR you can always rely on good ol’ chocolate, it’s good, it never fails to please your taste-buds BUT there is no fudge, no hot, sticky, gooey fudge and no drizzle of caramel…



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