Happy Birthday Me!!!

This week leading up to my birthday day has been filled with hot fun.  Plans for tonight include a sexy asian girlfriend, alcohol, and plenty of boy toys… but thats later tonight.  Right now, Im in the mood to start opening some packages!!

4 comments to Happy Birthday Me!!!

  • Brian

    Happy birthday Hun! As a gift from me to you, I’ll let you pound my pretty tight ass. Thanks for all the calls we’ve done together. I’m so looking forward to our next one. Next time I’ll even dress up for you; thigh highs, thong. I’ll be your little bitch. Enjoy your birthday Hun!

  • david

    happy late birthday jordan! i know it was a good one have a good day sexy

  • Wow, I didn’t see this post until today. I wish you a happy belated birthday. Maybe you can punish me with some spankings for being late. ;) You know how I love being your little pain slut.

  • Bambi

    Happy Belated Birthday. I wish I was there dressed in my pink outfit bent over the bed waiting for the strap as we’ve talked about in the past. I am sure my bottom would end up looking like a candy cane! Of course I know my mouth would not be spared and your stapon would be busy as well. Such is the life of a slut!

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