I’ll be thinking…

about all you while I’m fucking the brains out of all the lovely subs at the dom training. Keep those cocks hard for me while I’m gone.



1 comment to I’ll be thinking…

  • flasher

    Well , honestly at this stage in the game…. I believe that you need a good exposure ,meaning you need to be flashed…
    Well, what exactly is being flashed?… it i it is an action taken when an individual is way more horny then his ability to deal with it.. so when you are flashed this is the action of another who has masturbated his cock for up to a day the building up a large reservoir of cum……Now its ready,he will continue to stroke his ding A long until the time is just right. And this is when he pulls it out in front of pulls it out in front of a female intel the time is just right. And this is win pulls out female and proceed to drain all the come out of his balls percy’s to drain all the com out of his balls

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