New girl on the block ;)

Hey boys! Thats right boys Im the new girl, and I am so ready to get things started. It’s such a pleasure to be listening to all these lovely girls making all of you whimper with pleasure! I want a turn! So call me and I will reward you ;)

2 comments to New girl on the block ;)

  • gt

    Your Eyes

    Your eyes are quite captivating and oh so beautiful
    Your salacious lips quietly demand to be kissed
    And the way your hair softens your gaze
    Draws me closer and closer to bliss

  • gt

    Countless Hours

    I often lay beneath stars that quietly fade
    As mornings dew eagerly takes its place
    I stare into the depths of the sky above
    And ponder the gentleness of your touch
    With every twinkling that catches my eyes
    I find myself searching even deeper inside
    The softness of your eyes beckons my quest
    As the sinuous flow of your hair stills my breath
    Oh the countless hours I spend thinking of you
    Quickens the tempo at which my heart is infused
    With every passing minute I yearn for you more
    And the seconds quietly pile up and slowly pour
    Like the sands of an hour glass slipping away
    I close my eyes and can still see your face
    Oh how I long to hear the sound of your voice
    Escaping your lips drowning out the excess noise
    My heart trembles at the thought of your moans
    Gradually increasing and entwining with my own

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