from my little cuckold bitch

Oh Goddess Kimberly Most Beloved Sweet Perfection,

You have Your slut twisting and writhing naked and exposed at Your perfect feet this
morning mind swirling, dizzy, shaking and trembling on edge.  i crawled up this
morning given the honor and privilege of worshiping You at Your feet ad as permitted
the slightest touch which quickly brought Your pet to the edge almostinstantly!

Now like a little cuckold bitch i am forced to remain here before Youtwisting and
dangling on Your rope as You take a call.  slut can hardly believe this is happening
as he weeps and writhes calling out Your name begging for mercy in vain.  Working so
hard to remain here on the edge proving just how good he can be for his Goddess.

Thank You Goddess Kimberly for this bittersweet torture, begging You in advance that
You may find mercy soon after Your call and grant me permission to cease touch

Your lowly devoted little bitch

slaveling pet h

6 comments to from my little cuckold bitch

  • lowly pet

    i shall remain perfectly still before You upon my knees w/back perfectly straight as You require until bed tonight Goddess Kimberly, so low and humbled before You supreme Goddess…

  • lowly one

    Goddess Kimberly, slut finds himself yet again so very low before You upon knees ass stinging learning a hard lesson about respect. i know i should have been upon my knees before approaching You this morning but foolishly i made the terrible mistake of failing to fall to my knees before You and now i am being forced to learn the hard lesson of consequences for my foolish behavior and not just this morning but for a whole 24 hours. You have me so encircled and ensnared. i feel Your strong firm hand upon me my most beloved supreme Goddess Kimberly. So very low before You…

  • lowly one

    oh my beloved supreme Goddess Kimberly just when slut doesn’t think he can take what You have already set before him You take it all to a whole other level with 3 hours of edging atop the already copious torment set before him. i feel You tightening the knots and bindings at every turn, my mind swirling to make sense of it all. i shall respect You ALWAYS Goddess Kimberly truly i shall…

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