tomorrow is “suckday”

Here is my new days of the week : moanday, toungeday, wetday, dirtyday, freakday, sexday, and suckday. and tomorrow is suckday so why dont you call me and tell me what i can suck on for you? or maybe even what you can suck on for me ;)

2 comments to tomorrow is “suckday”

  • Thank you Kimberly for making Suckday memorable in so many ways!! Sliding into my room the way you did, in just your white cotton panties and white thigh-highs (exactly the pair you know I love), all so you can get down on your knees and in-between my legs, was perfect. You know I love the gentle lull of your lips slurping and sucking on my sweet pussy like the slut-star you are!

  • mmm thank you jordan for letting me suck on something so sweet to start my “suckday” off right

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