A night at the movies.

Today is a day all about me. Just got done at the salon… Haven’t been to
the movies in a while. Sounds fun. I sit in the dark theater all the way
in the back. By myself. Then I see you walking back toward me and coming
down my row.. Of all these empty seats. But still you keep coming closer.
You sit down in the seat right by me. As the movie starts we don’t say a
word or look at each other. Suddenly I start to feel the soft caress of
your hand in my hair, then moving to my neck.. I put a hand on your knee
gripping just slightly. You move your hand down my shoulder. What is this
feeling. I am excited, but unsure. Do I lift the arm rest? How far do I
go. Will you move your hand down to my leg and slide my dress up? Call me
and help me finish my fantasy!!!!

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