Everything He Wants

He calls, she answers “hi how you doing” etc…it’s very nice and
friendly. She says she wants to please him and wants to take care of him.
Especially sexually. She is very sweet and complimentary, she calls him
Baby, sweetie, darling, and honey… He likes it when she does that. He
likes it when she says he’s a good boy.
He likes it when she talks nasty about all the sexy things she wants to do
with him.
She knows he likes blow jobs. Wet, sloppy, deep throat, eye contact, and
She asks what he’s wearing.
She tells him to touch himself through his clothes until he starts to get
aroused. She tells him to strip naked. She tells him to touch himself with
fingertips for a short time. She wants him to tell her when he is fully
aroused. He does. She tells him to put lube on with only fingertips. Then
she tells him she wants him to get himself to the edge of orgasm as
quickly as he can, and to tell her when he gets there. She keeps track of
the time in seconds. She encourages him and tells him to hurry. She talks
about how she wants him to come and describes different scenarios where
she makes him come. When he gets to the edge and has to stop she tells him
how good he is and to hold it and wait…then she takes over telling him
when to start and stop. She gives him about the same amount of time it
took him to get to the edge the first time. And then she gives him fewer
and fewer seconds each time. She is encouraging and sexy and sweet to him.
She takes over giving specific directions. Telling him different ways to
do it – use slow long strokes , bottom to the top-go faster -slow down-etc
stop for just a second etc- short fast strokes at the tip – speed up slow
down -twist – switch hands – turn your hand over- two hands etc.. She
changes what he’s doing frequently. She is very sexy and playful. When he
gets close he says “slow” or “please” if he has to slow down so he doesn’t
come. Or he says “stop” or “please” when he has to stop. He only has to stop
usually for just a second. And she tells him start back up slowly. Every
time he gets to the edge she tells him he is doing good says he is good
boy etc.

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