First Time

Part of the reason having phone sex is fun is getting to relive some of
the beginnings of my sexual experience again and again. The first time he
spanked me I wasn’t expecting it; we had been fucking pretty steadily for
about two weeks and things had gotten rougher and rougher….I was getting
used to coming out of sex a little banged up and with bruises blooming all
over for a couple days after. I liked it. He had laid me down and was
running his big, calloused hands from my naked shoulders down my spine and
then skipping my ass all together to rub from the tops of my thighs down
to my ankles. And then all sensation stopped. I sensed something
changing, and although I was afraid I could also feel my already dripping
pussy clench and wait for what I just knew was about to come.
The full force of his huge hand slamming onto my bare ass shook the entire
bed and I immediately felt my eyes fill with tears. But at the same time
I teared up there was also a shudder of desire sent through me that I had
never felt before. I wanted it again. I looked over my shoulder at him
and smiled, whispered “Thank you , Daddy…..”, and braced myself for what
would happen next.

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