Sneaking Away

I walk in on you jacking off. With all those guests out there… what are
you thinking?? Who are you thinking about?
WOW!! Your dick is huge. She tells me about it all the time. Those
poundings you give her, that tongue as you lick her clit and slide your
fingers in her pussy, her choking on your dick as you ram it in her her
mouth, that rock hard cock slamming into her wet pussy over and over,
those big hands cupping her tits.
I just had no idea.. She is so lucky. My jealousy is getting the best of me.
I can’t help myself. I come over and start stroking that cock for you. You
reach up my shirt and play with my hard nipples. I put my mouth around
your dick and start sucking it. Lucky I wore a skirt to this party! Push
my panties to the side while I sit on your lap and slide your cock into
Oh god, don’t let anyone walk in on us. I want your load of warm cum
dripping down my legs the rest of the night! Only me and you can know. Our
little secret. She is my best friend after all. Don’t want to be the cause
of her broken heart… Or do I??

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