Traveling With You

You and I are traveling together for work, and staying in separate rooms
at the best hotel in the city. You are the president of the company and I
am your relatively new assistant. I have an MBA so I am much more than a
secretary, more like you’re grooming me to be your right hand person. You
are known for rewarding the people who are loyal to you very handsomely,
and they go far in the company and have lots of opportunities.
I am wearing a nice, professional suit with a jacket, blouse and pencil
skirt, with some very nice lingerie underneath- I like to dress
professionally, but I know I have the kind of face and body that attracts
attention (which I don’t mind). You are in a dress shirt and tie.
When you answer the door to your hotel suite it’s me bringing you a new
draft of the report we have to finish tonight to present to the board
tomorrow. You sit down at the desk to read it; I lean in over your
shoulder just as you lean back in the chair and our bodies meet. Neither
one of us moves away, as we both have been wanting this… We pause a
moment, looking at each other in the mirror over the desk, and you ask if
I really want this…I tell you that I’ve wanted this since the day I met
you. I tell you I want everything, that I am giving my whole self to
You ask if I trust you and I say, “completely.” You stand up and walk
around behind me, and I bend my head back to kiss you – gently at first,
then more forcefully. I respond in kind, my breathing shallow. You turn
me around to face the full length mirror on the wall, with you behind me
looking over my shoulder at our reflection. You begin to kiss my neck and
run your hands over me. While you don’t know it, I like it to hurt, and I
want you to hurt me. You pull my jacket off my shoulders and lay it on the
chair, and then you unbutton your blouse, all the time rubbing my breasts.
I start to moan, and you pull my bra down and let my breasts fall free and
you begin to rub my nipples. You pinch one nipple just a bit and I jump,
and beg you to pinch more. You start to pinch harder, and I start to moan
louder, begging you to pinch harder and harder. I slip my hand inside my
skirt and into my panties and start to rub my clit, and I cum suddenly,
loudly. My knees buckle and you catch me, shocked at what you saw in the
mirror – me losing complete control of myself. You pull me upright against
you as I recover. You pick me up and set me on the desk as I catch my
breath. I start pulling you toward me, rubbing your cock through your
pants, and I start begging for your cock.
At every opportunity I beg you to fuck me hard, to hurt me, to make me yours.
Oh, how I want you to help me finish this fantasy…

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