What You Want

So you want to start with some foreplay? Ok! It will be different every
time. Being so horny.. My needs and wants are constantly changing!
Sometimes I may want your soft kisses down my neck and to my hard nipples
while you give them a good sucking. Then other times, bend me over, push
my sexy panties to the side and ram that hard cock into my dripping little
pussy. Maybe I am looking for a tease or maybe I just want to get right to
the amazing orgasms!!
Are you looking to find out what makes me so wet? Is it you down in front
of me kissing my thighs and pushing a finger into me then sliding your
tongue all over my clit? Making me moan while I ride your face.. Or, is it
that throbbing cock? Me unzipping your pants and slobbering all over your
head then you ramming your dick down my throat. Getting ready for when you
finally pull me up and you and slide that huge cock right into my pussy.
Tell me all of the things you want to do to me! How bad you have been
yearning for my titties bouncing in your face and smothering you. How long
you are going to pound that cock into me. What about all of those
spankings? I love being your good little girl and doing what I am told.
Whatever pleases you!

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