Your Secretary

I first met Sir when I was interviewing for a position in his company. I
was not interviewing to be his personal secretary, but after my initial
interview within his HR department, he asked me for a personal meeting. He
told me that he liked my resume, my style and my seemingly unwavering
dedication to pleasing my employers. He had been searching for a very
special person to take over the position. He was very demanding, he told
me. I felt nervous, shy around him, but I needed this job desperately and
I just knew I would do anything he asked of me.
First, he told me, that I would dress exactly how he wanted me, every
single day. If this meant he would have a specific outfit sent to me by
courier, that is what it would be. He told me that should I fail to dress
in the manner he saw fit, I would be sent home and not paid for that day.
Not only that, I would be disappointing him. He often told me after a
direct order “Do not disappoint me, Madison.” I do not know what it was
about him, but I really never wanted to make him upset or disappointed. I
was going to try to be a very good secretary.
My first day of work, I awoke and found a package had been delivered late
the night before to my doorman. It was a large rectangle box, wrapped in
plain brown paper. No return address, not postage, just my name written
very neat in bold masculine print. I knew it must be from him. I laid the
package on my bed and went to take a shower. I could not stop thinking
about him. I had only met him once, of course, and he WAS to be my boss,
but he was so very handsome. So in control. Commanding. I found myself
soaping up my young lithe frame, hands running over my small pert breasts.
My breathing was coming quicker and I had to stop myself from masturbating
to orgasms right there under the steaming faucet. I did not want to be
late for my first day!
To be continued….

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