Your Truck

I can’t help but to drive myself wild with the thought of being bent over
the tailgate of your truck in a dim parking garage, panties down.
My pussy’s aching and oozing with desire, my bare ass exposed to the
chilled air, your rough hands sliding up the back of my thighs before
coming up and firmly squeezing each cheek.
I’m so eager to feel you push your way inside of me, but to my surprise I
feel a wet, warm tongue flicking my clit and massaging my hood. I shiver
and gasp, you suck my hard little knob into your mouth and slap my ass. I
can feel my thigh muscles start to quiver. I open my mouth and let out a
loud cry of pleasure, I can feel you smiling into my slippery wet cunt.
You pull back and I can feel the tip of your cock swirling round and
round, stretching my tight hole as your fingers tangle in my hair.
Suddenly, I feel it all slip in, smooth and hard as a rock. You pound me
hard and fast right there in that garage, and I lose control.

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