You’re Home!

Standing in the kitchen washing dishes when you come home and see me in
my sexy little skirt and tank top… I have been waiting for you to take
me all day. Come up behind me kissing my neck, push my skirt up and start
rubbing my clit. I turn around and push you to your knees and shove your
face into my pussy. I love that long tongue, sitting on your face while
you lick my clit and tongue fuck my pussy! MMM you are so good with that
mouth! My pussy juice running down your chin. You get rock hard and so
close to blowing that load while eating me out… But you save it. Bend me
over the counter and fuck my tight little hole until I can’t take anymore!
Now it is my turn to be down on my knees. Tasting my pussy juice all over
your cock. YUM! I do taste good:) Blow that load and make a mess of me!!

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