An amazing afternoon drive

So we are driving in the city, sight seeing the ferries, lakes and rivers, we hold hands, and he places my hand on his cock. i start rubbing and caressing while hes driving, and as it starts to get hard, he pulls it out, and motions for me to come here. I lean into him and we kiss, I kiss his neck and nibble his earlobe as Im stroking his cock. then I lean down and start caressing it with my tongue, and run my soft lips along the shaft. I bend down and start sucking, and the taste of his precum is so sweet, and he is rubbing my pussy from behind and still driving. I start sucking harder and faster, bicyclists are going by and staring, cars are driving past, and I can hear him moan so quietly and start thrusting his hips. after playing for awhile, we find an alleyway, and he does me doggy style in the front of a busy neighborhood and a big, beautiful building. Was a very yummy afternoon :)

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