Arouse me

Blindfold me, and use my soft fuzzy handcuffs, lick me from head to toe. Use my pleasure feather and body dusting powder and make a trail from my breasts to my pussy. Lick it gently and start kissing me. lt your fingertips explore my body from stroking my hair, to touching my neck, breasts tummy and down to my pussy. My toes curl and legs tremble as you get me so wet. Take my vibrator and tease my clit with the vibration getting this tight, wet pussy dripping. start moaning, take and spread my pussy lips and lick my clit, rolling your tongue around and get me squirming. Slide your tongue deep in my pussy, and start to suck my juices. take your cock and slide it up and down my pussy and stretch it as your huge, rock hard cock eases inside me nice and slow. grab my tits and caress them while you fuck me, thrusting a little harder and faster as I squeeze this already tight pussy around your cock. Fuck me harder dadi, put my legs on your shoulders and rub my clit hard and fast while you fuck me. My body stiffens, harder and faster, make me cum all over that cock…………kissing’ licking and sucking me until i cum all over you!!!!!

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