bathe me

Bathe me in champagne, and drink me. cover every inch of my body with your tongue, and fingertips. Take your time on my nipples, and my clit. make my toes curl, make me moan lightly as you worship my body with your tongue. run your fingertips up and down my wet body, run your lips down my back, spank my wet ass. let me massage your cock, and tease it with my tongue and lips, nice and slow. make you good and hard, and rub up against you, my slightly wet pussy teasing the head of your cock

3 comments to bathe me

  • Amber

    damn girl- yummmmmy

    • Zivia

      the three of us shold have our own lil party like that in the hot tub. see how many naughty boys out there wanna join us and see what they want us to doo to each other?? place bets ;)

  • Amber, Lovin the 15 minute timer idea. Now if I can just get my hubby to play along LOL actlaluy we gave this a successful whirl last night & it truly was surprising what could be accomplished in that little bit of time .Initially, I came to your blog to view the flexing your intuition muscles’ video on the advice of a facebook friend loved that, and read around a bit until I found this topic which spoke to me perfectly thanks again for your shares

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