daddys lil fuck toy

I wanna wake up, rubbing my eyes half asleep, in my daddy’s t shirt and my cute lil panties, and walk into his room and crawl under the covers. I want to scoot closer into him, with his cock half hard. Feeling him as it gets bigger as im wiggling closer to him, spooning. He starts to wake up and is stroking my hair and kissing my neck. he grabs my hips and pulls me closer into him, his hands running down my tummy and into my panties. He starts rubbing my kitty gently as hes breathing slow and steady near my ear. he grabs my hand nice and slow, where I am reaching around and feeling his big hard cock. Slides my hands in his underwear and I start to stroke, both moaning lightly. Then he pulls my panties down, opens my legs and starts licking and sucking my kitty, his tongue caressing it nice and slow, going deeper and deeper, me grabbing the sheets getting more excited. He whispers in my ear to suck daddys cock, so I go down and stroke w both hands and wrap my mouth around his huge one, and start going down a lil at a time, taking in more and more. He starts breathing harder and faster as im sucking, taking nearly all of it and stroking the rest. I get him so excited that he lays me down, spreads my legs and pushes into this tight lil wet pussy, sets m up so he can suck and lick on my nipples while he is inside me. he goes harder and faster, holding my legs up, turns me over on my hands and knees, pulls my hips and goes hard and fast, with my head in the pillow. rubs the tip of his cock on my lil bottom and starts to push in, with a loud gran, he works his way inside and starts moaning louder and pumping harder and faster. he asks me if i feel i have to go potty, and to push, so I do, he pushes back and starts throbbing in my bottom until he cums

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