Lets Play!!!

Please Welcome me, Zivia, to YourDesires… I am a sensual, sexual female, looking for some playdates. Call me at (360)709-9133. You can also¬† hit me up at SoSweetZivia@yahoo.com or SoSweetZivia@aol.com. Lets have so fun, I can be your dirty little secret;)



2 comments to Lets Play!!!

  • gt

    Puddles of Pleasure
    Little puddles of pleasure secretly drip from deep inside
    Escaping under the intensity of the gaze I found in your eyes
    Your beauty is enhanced by every smile that sneaks across your face
    Beneath the rhythmic accentuation of every heartbeat that softly fades
    The slow sway of each candle flame quietly persuades a swelling ambiance
    To nudge a bit closer to the sounds whispered just above descending silence

  • gt


    I want you to be wet before I arrive
    so the message from my lips will not hide
    the desire of my wandering fingertips

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