***My daddy***

I slip into bed with him on a very cold morning in my peanut baby tee and boy shorts, my lil nipples hard from the cold, my leg in between his. He kisses me on the forehead, and pulls me closer into him kissing me gently on the lips and squeezing my ass cheeks, sliding his hands down my shorts and plays with my ass. HIs cock starts to throb in his tight lil black cotton briefs, and I slip my hands down them, my warn lil hands slowly stroking his freshly shaven cock and balls, as he slides a finger in his lil girl and starts to finger fuck me, and I grind on his hand. He slip his hands in my shirt and starts to play twisting and flicking my lil nipples and asks me “are you hungry lil girl”. Biting my lower lip, I reply “yes daddy”, as I move down between his legs, pulling his shorts down slowly, holding my hair to the side, and taking my tongue to his shaft. I go down to his balls and slowly, gently roll them around in my mouth, wet my lips and caress his cock, take my tongue from his balls to the tip, and pop the head of his cock in my mouth. Holding my hair to the side, I start sucking just the head and slowly work my way down as he continues to flick my lil nipples. He starts thrusting harder and faster as I open my throat and take his cock all the way in my mouth, hold it there, then release. Im showing him how much of a good lil girl I am because I want his cock so badly inside of me. He lays me down, spreads my legs, and starts to lick my wet lil kitty and sucks on my hard little clit, slipping his big tongue inside of me and starts to tongue fuck his little girl. Once he starts to make my toes curl and my body shake, I want him to come up and kiss me on the lips, spread my legs, and rub that big mushroom head up and down my kitty before he takes my breath away and pushes it in. HOLDING MY HANDS IN HIS, HE DOES SLOW GENTLE THRUSTS AT FIRST, i GET WETTER WITH EVERY MOAN HE HAS, GRABBING HIS ASS AND PULLING HIM DEEPER INTO ME AS HE FUCKS ME. iM DADDYS LIL FUCK TOY AND HE LEANS BACK AND FUCKS ME HARDER AND FASTER AND PLAYS WITH MY LIL ASS WHILE HE FUCKS ME. HE TURNS ME OVER AND GETS ME ON MY HANDS AND KNEES SO WE CAN WATCH AS HE PUSHES INSIDE OF ME FROM BEHIND. PULLING MY HAIR BACK, HE STARTS FUCKING ME HARDER AND FASTER AND SUCKING ON MY NECK, IM GRABBING AT THE SHEETS AS HE JUST POUNDS MY LIL KITTY WITH HIS BIG, HARD THROBBING COCK.

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