relaxing in the tub

Listening to slow jams, the lights are dim, slowly undress and step in the tub. Candles lit, I close my eyes and relax, invigorated by the heat and bubbles. I start thinking of you, and as I lather up, my hands start to wander my body  as you are my fantasy. I run my fingers across my lips, caress my breasts and play with my nipples as if you were licking and sucking. My hands slowly slip under the water and between my thighs, my  finger starts rubbing my clit as I am laid back, and one finger goes inside me, slight moans as I fantasize about you making love to me. Another finger pushes inside my wet, tight , pussy and they start to go faster. I am moaning a little louder as I am also playing with my nipples. I dream of you going from making love to fucking me and you start pounding. My legs go up, my toes are curled, fingertips caressing my neck as if you were kissing it. OMG!!! it feels so good, I want to cum.  Harder and faster, sweat on my lip, I am cumming, OMG, I am cumming!!!

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