sweaty and sexy

house full of hotties today, sweat rolling off, stripping down to practically nothing, chillaxing in the pool in our bras and panties. Sip on some chilled champagne, find some naughty guys to play with today, make us cum over and over again like angie got me offf earlier and OMG!! that was some awesome morning sex, and her tongue is amazing!

2 comments to sweaty and sexy

  • Deborah

    A woman with a great taste – lovely. I’m cruious. When did you get this brilliant idea to shoot great-looking, older people? I discovered your blog last winter …

  • Amber

    Deborah- she really is a very lovely lady indeed! ahhh the great thing about YD- we have ladies of all types here. :) some of older ladies just love to come out to play and have some sexy fun too!!!

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