waking up next to you

I want to feel your breath on my neck in the morning, with you hard and waking up to it pressed against me. Wake me up with your kiss on my neck and shoulders, as I wake, let me feel you inside me. Feel your hands on my hips as you are thrusting behind me. pull my hair and thrust harder, caressing my breasts. I whisper to you “harder daddy, and you moan louder, saying my name and cumming so hard, you wrap your arms around my tummy and hold me on your throbbing cock.

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  • gt

    Moment of Intimacy

    If I were to tell you to lie back and calmly close your eyes
    Would you question my intentions or perhaps ask why
    Or clear your mind of the clutter that weighs you down
    And listen to the mesmerizing music that lingers around
    Just lay beneath the subtle swaying of subdued thoughts
    And focus on the soft whispering winds gently held aloft
    With faint glancing blows and featherlike sweeping strokes
    Tingling sensations quietly rise leaving your mind exposed
    Smell the scented breeze taking in every thoughtful touch
    Letting go of the things that have long since gathered dust
    Can you hear the splashing waters and the morning birds
    Mixed together with the soothing sounds of every word
    Carefully weaving its way into vast cloudless reflections
    Can you feel the deep sensations that offer so much more
    The moment of intimacy when waves quietly crash ashore

  • Waking up next to you is a breathe of fresh air, your cuddles, your warmth, the way you lightly caress my arm, push your bottom back against, your smell, your taste, your love are all intoxicating. Sometimes i think what did i do to deserve such a sweet thing, a beautiful lil girl as yourself. you show love and affection like no other. your mine lil girl and i love you

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