Mz. Asia

Better late then never :) Happy New Year

To all of the men I’ve met throughout my years here at YD’s, I hope 2015 brings you the best of health and happiness!  Over the last 15 years I’ve  enjoyed your company as much as I enjoyed your cum. :)~

Here’s to another year of hot conversation, sultry secrets, fantastic friendships and outrageous orgasms!



Mz. Asia

It alway’s makes me smile…

When a guy cums so hard he forgets how to hang up the phone.


Mz. Asia


Sex without pain, is like food without taste.
-Marquies de Sade

Mz. Asia

Here’s to another year at YD’s…

I was 23 when I started at YD’s… and never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I’d still be around 13 years later.  But then again, I didn’t know then just how many wonderful men I’d get to know… each in a special and different way.

Through the years many have served Me (and I’ve even served a few).  I’ve had wild monkey sex, played out fantastic mind-fucks, jacked off with the best of them and cum more times than I can count.   To many, I’ve been a trusted confidant, holder of your most intimate, naughty, secret desires.  And when I’ve been lucky, I’ve had the chance to nurture these secrets… for both of us to enjoy.   For others,  I’ve been part Therapist, Lover, Sex Kitten, Goddess, slut, Mistress, Friend (just to name a few)… and enjoyed each and every minute of it.

I just wanted to take a moment to appreciate all of the wonderful men I’ve met and played with throughout the years.  In many ways, you’ve made me the woman I am today.   I was born wicked, but through my years at YD’s you helped me find what really floated my boat… And for that, I thank you.

Here’s to a Happy, Healthy 2014 and many more Years to Cum!

Kisses, Lixxx, & Whips,

Mz. Asia

Mz. Asia

Another year has cum and gone…

Have you?

Mz. Asia

Saturday Night…

He’d waited all evening, kneeling face down in my pump, ass high in the air… waiting to hear the sound of my keys in the door and the click of My heels on the hardwood floor.  As I entered the house I could feel his anticipation, smell his desire, and it sent an electrical charge right to my clit.

He was just as I’d left him.  Without saying a word I leaned over, raking my long nails over his ass cheeks before wrapping my hand tightly around his balls and squeezing.  As I pulled his balls harder, letting my nails dig into his sack,  I leaned in and whispered into his ear “Aren’t you glad I’m home honey?”

And as My atomicsub readied himself to please his Mistress, I readied Myself to put him through his paces, and in doing so please us both!


Mz. Asia

Freaky Friday…

Many moons ago I worked Friday nights  and remember all the fun that’s to be had!  I’ll be around my usual hours Thursday night and 5pm-10pm PST on Friday.  Maybe even a little later if you boys keep me cumming <wink>.  I’ve had such a good time playing with those of you I hadn’t heard from in so long, and hope to hear from those of you I still haven’t heard from!



Mz. Asia

I felt his cock in me…

for the first time today, and I must say it made me feel quite heady.  Thanks J.

Mz. Asia

Asia in August

Happy Wednesday!

I’m going to be around more than usual next week.   I’m  hoping to have a chance to catch up with those of you I haven’t talked to in awhile, those of you I haven’t talked to in forever, and those of you I’ve never talked to! :)  I will be available the following nights:

Tues. 8/20  5pm-10pm

Thurs. 8/22  6:30pm-10pm

Fri. 8/23  5pm-10pm

I can’t wait to hear from you!

Mz. Asia

There’s nothing more satisfying….

than playing with a sub you’ve trained for years…. I can feel his wants and needs as easily as I can hear him breathe.  I know how to push his limits infinitely in fantasy and frame them to fit his reality.  And in the end, his reality is to pleasure Me.  What a beautiful cycle!