Experience a taste of me, before it’s too late…

hello darlings…

I am sad to tell you, but next Saturday, June 3rd will be my last day on the phones for now. But that leaves plenty of opportunities for you to to catch me on the phones one last time

I know your half hard for me at the sound of my voice alone, but once I start telling you how I want it, the blood will start to rush through the deepest parts of you. Let my moans, whimpers, and screams bring you to an explosive orgasm.

I will tell you everything I want you to do to me, or, maybe you can instruct me. I can be a very good little girl.

Have a fantasy you obsess over from time to time? Cast me as the leading role…I’ll blow you away ;)

I get so wet just thinking about you calling me.


So to all you sluts, perverts, nymphos, or lonely lovers out there…now is your chance. Curious about just what I can do? Call me before it’s too late

Saturday 5/27 10am – 6pm

Sunday 5/28 10am – 6pm

Monday 5/29 9am – 2pm

Wednesday 6/1 9am – 2pm

Saturday 6/3  10am – 6pm

All times are Pacific Standard Time


wouldn’t it be fun

to have me control your pleasure, and instruct you as you come for me? i just love to hear you on the phone, calling my name, telling me all the nasty things you want to do to me.


I know you crave me …

play with me, worship me, tease me…whatever you like ;)  call me and listen to my soft, powerful moans over the phone while I get myself off and tell you everything I’d like to do to you.


Hand yourself to me

let your arousal take over, listen to my voice as your breathing gets heavier and you can’t resist me. Call me and discover what you’ve been missing.


your play thing

hello my sweets … get me on the phone, and you can tell me exactly what you want from me. I may put up a little fight, but with enough coaxing I can be a sweet bratty baby just for you ;)


Humiliation Exxxpert

Ooh am I in a mood tonight…I don’t think I could hold back if I tried.

Want somebody to tease you? Tell me your secrets so I can torment you with my tantalizing voice and sharp, cutting words.


I will let loose on you all my sadistic fantasies…the joy I take in having men worship me as I wreck their sorry asses…be it with sex toys, whips, or my spiked heel boots.



Wanna hear about my sexy dreams?

This morning I woke up from some of the naughtiest, sexy dreams of my life…. to give you an idea, it involves whips, chains, and screaming orgasms.
I couldn’t help but pleasure myself as SOON as I woke up.

Maybe it is spending all this time around the lovely ladies of YD that are making my dreams so vivid and erotic. Won’t you give me a call so I can tell you all about it?

I’m here waiting for you,


Ready for your call

Hi there, I am waiting here for you to call me. I love talking on the phone and sharing all my dirtiest secrets. Won’t you entertain me on this Sunday afternoon?

xoxo elle