Find Us on Trillian

I am sooooo excited!  We’re switching our IMs over to and you should too! This will be the very best way to reach us and it combines AOL and Yahoo – how cool is that?  So if you want to talk to me or any of the gorgeous ladies of Your Desires – switch to Trillian (and btw, it’s free!). I’ll be waiting to talk to you!


Hot as a Firecracker!!!

This is one HOT NIGHT!!!  Jordan and I are rocking all of you naughty men with our Firecracker Special!  $5. off any 30 minute or more call!  That includes 2 girl calls too.  And if you haven’t had Jordan and I together, you have really missed out! Give us a call and we’ll make you shoot and see fireworks too!


My Voice

I was just told that my voice is like a drug. Why don’t you call me and get addicted? ;)



Now I absolutely LOVE Football, especially when my Seahawks are playing – and winning!  But to be doing a call with someone and be going down on them and have them tell me “Stop!  The game’s back on!”  is just unheard of!!!  I have my hot tongue licking all over that pussy  (didn’t expect that, did you guys?)  And you tell me to stop because football is back on?  TFF!!!  You’ll pay for that next time lady lol ;)


Shout Out to My drippy sissy!

One of my callers today is going for his own personal best of 101 edges in one day with no cumming – Go sissy – GO!!!!  Hope you make it to 101 and then call so I can hear you when you finally do get to cum.  That’s gonna be a BIG ONE!!!  Good Luck sweet sissy, I’ll be routing for you!  And everybody else, DUCK! There’s no telling how far that one will shoot!


Happy New Year’s Eve!

Have a happy and safe one guys, and if you want to get some before you go out, give me a call. I’m here until 8pm tonight Pac. time.  I send you all a kiss at midnight – MUAH!


New Year’s Schedule

Hi Guys!  Just wanted to let you all know that I will be here on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day to cover for a couple of the other beautiful women here at YourDesires.  My hours will be as follows:

Tuesday, New Year’s Eve –  12:30 – 8pm    and

Weds.,     New Year’s Day-   8am – 4:30pm

I will be here at YD on those days and I can’t wait to talk to some of you that can’t call on my usual late shifts.  Hmmmm what shall I wear….


Had Enough Christmas Shopping…

Need a little stress relief? Need to get away from all of the hustle and bustle? You know what to do… Spend some time with this Vixen while the family is out shopping. Call me, I have just the stress reliever that you’re looking for. ;)


I’m Here Until 3:30…

and I am sooooo ready to play!!! I’m also feeling very oral! So give me a call, I can’t wait to taste you! ;)


Something to Be Thankful For…

From 8am Thursday, November 28th until 5pm Friday, November 29th (Pacific times, of course)we are offering you $7 off the cost of any call of 30 minutes or longer!!  All you have to do is ask your favorite YourDesires girl (me!) for the Thanksgiving special.

And personally, I would like to thank all of my wonderful callers.  I enjoy you all so much, you make every call a pleasure ;)  I’m wishing you all a very happy holiday season.  xoxoxoxo Laura