Autumn’s On Vacation Again

It is a very exciting time in the life of Autumn these days. I have a sexy vacation coming up from September 2nd until September 16th. It’s still warm enough for slinky dresses and bikinis but not so hot I can’t even manage to open my mouth for a throat fucking. I’ve already got a few adventures lined up so I KNOW I’ll have some good stories when I get back.
Plus, when I return I will be moving from overnights to a different play schedule. I’m not sure exactly what the new schedule will look like but I do know I will still be Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. I also know it will be afternoons, evenings, and nights. I promise I’m just as horny during the day as I am in the middle of the night.
For those of you who sleep on a normal/human schedule this is great news. Of course I will still be available for appointments for those of you nightowls out there who dig playing before the sun comes up.
I guess what I’m saying is that this upcoming week is my last week of overnights and if you want to know what my new, shiny schedule will be you should drop me an email. Or you could just drop me an email letting me know how much you need to fuck the shit out of me. I’d appreciate that too.

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