Christie’s new slave.

Well look what I got in my email the other day.  An official slave registration form.  I can’t tell you how pleased I am and how sore the runt will be after I give him many spankings.  I love my slaves.



3 comments to Christie’s new slave.

  • Bound Pup

    Oh Goddess Christie, i don’t know how i always end up here under Your spell. O/our slightest exchange and You take me by my collar and subjugate me to Your perfect will. i merely connected w/You to say how sorry i was to have missed O/our call as You were busy dominating another of Your minions and the next thing i know You have me kneeling in the corner completely unable to speak or move yet again. i am to report before You as soon as can but i am scared You will place Your slut back in chastity. You say W/we can discuss it when Your slut calls but i know what this means, i will inevitably be forced back into my device surrendering You the key. Your slut remains perfectly still and quiet here before You in the corner at work worshiping You from afar aching for Your voice and control and guidance…

  • Bound Pup

    i feel so utterly foolish for ever having faltered letting You down Goddess Christie. But what terrifies Your pet more is the fear You strike in me for the price i will pay for having done so, i feel You circling me even now as You solicit even further swearing to commitment and devotion whilst my head is bowed before You here kneeling in the corner at work.

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