I’m back!

Hello darling,

I am finally back from my short Spring vacation!  I had such a wonderful time.  I spent a lot of time wearing next to nothing in the sun and also a lot of time being very naughty.  It felt like Summer!   I’d love to hear what you did in my absence and I’d love to tell you all about what I did over some hot adult phone chat.  I am here until 9pm PST and will resume my regular schedule.


Can I be your Valentine?


I’d love to be your Valentine.  It’s a night for romance and I am feeling very frisky today!  I am only available for four hours of hot xxx phone sex!  How about you call me and we talk about the sweet things you want to do to me?! Also, I am here on with Emily, Tori, and Kimberly.  What a hot group of ladies! If you’d like two (or more) girls on this special day all you have to do is ask.  I can get my panties super wet for you if you’d like to get a Valentine’s Day memento.  I am ready and waiting to hear your sexy voice.


Christie’s new slave.

Well look what I got in my email the other day.  An official slave registration form.  I can’t tell you how pleased I am and how sore the runt will be after I give him many spankings.  I love my slaves.




Christie’s Holiday gift!

Hello!  I am here tonight until 10pm PST!  I’ve been feeling so generous over this holiday season that I decided to come in tonight, just for you.  I’ll be back bright and early at 9am PST tomorrow morning for your last minute shopping needs (wink).

One more thing, I’ve been noticing a dramatic increase in comments on my blog lately.  Just know that you can email to have a more personal chat with me.


Black Friday!

I am usually not here on Friday mornings but I wanted to take advantage of you and our Black Friday special!  All you have to do is ask me for the details to get a great deal on a 30 minute phone sex call.  I’m here until 5pm PST which is how long our special runs.  Don’t miss out!


Surprise shift with Christie!

Happy November to you!

This little vixen just couldn’t stay away from sex talk!  I am here to fill in for my friend Rachel until 8pm PST.  I hope you still have some energy for me from your Halloween festivities.

I’m also picking up some more hot shifts.  Including my regular schedule I’ll be working (all PST):

Monday 11/4 from 5:15 to 10pm

Friday 11/8 from 4:30pm to 8pm

Monday 11/11 from 5:15 to 10pm


All Hallow’s Eve.

I hope you are having a fun and safe Halloween.  I’ve been a busy little witch tonight have no fear, I am available for some spooky, sexy phone chat until 9pm PST!


Gone but not forever :)

I’m taking a few days off here and there, I’ll be back next Wednesday, and the Wednesday after that, then back to normal. Christie is picking up my Fridays and Mondays for that time frame, so please show her a good time!


I’ve got an itch to scratch.

Hey lover!

It’s Tuesday again and my only morning shift at Your Desires.  I woke up feeling very devilish today and would love have it fucked out of me.  Call 360 709 0102 for some fiendishly good  XXX phone sex.  Try to see if you can satiate this little phone slut.  I am available until 3pm PST.


First day of Fall.

The end of the Summer season sure creeped up me!  Today was dreary and stormy and mostly spent inside in my sexy little black lace panties and a long-sleeved shirt.  Fall is surely my favorite season to cuddle up under the warm blankets.  Want to join?  I’ve been keeping the bed warm all day.