Water works ??

Here in Canada we are celebrating Victoria Day
A beautiful queen we all throw a huge party for, well I have celebrated another beautiful queen. Long dark hair, legs for days and Stunning big bright green fuck me eyes. Kissing her in my backyard on the soft grass against our smooth skin. The breeze running through our hair as seductively as my fingers run through hers. Our goosebumps running over each other. I kiss her red lips then follow the trail of goosebumps passing her beautiful tits down her stomach grazing over her navel and stopping just above that beautiful pink soft pussy of hers. She dares look at me with those beautiful eyes again and I lose complete control, I devour her pussy and lick her ass up to her clint over and over and over again. She pulls my blonde hair making me moan just as much as she is. Then it happened fireworks I taste her squirt in my mouth and I’m drinking it all up, I look up at the pretty lights the loud explosion noises muffle her screams of delight. I look at her and smile “waterworks… “ Who doesn’t love fireworks and the girl cumming at the same time they both feel the same in a way, Exciting.?????

I would love to tell you more Xox ( 360-584-9461)

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