My Gemini personality has been working over time this week! (Diary of a Phone Sex Addict)

I have been popping back and forth so much with my mood I feel like I need to be called Samantha and be in a episode of “Bewitched” .
I love talking to my guys and telling them my stories of my childhood. I love to hear those guys when I start telling my stories of how I was raised by my dad and the things he taught me before I was in the double digits.
Its something about how they get so hard and Horney about the things dad showed and taught me to do for him and then later his friends.
I love the sound in their voice as I tell the stories of how I was raised to pleasure men with my body. The ways in which I pleasured them. The toys we used and the things daddy designed that I still have and still use.
Now that I’m all grown up I use those things with my play toys and love to see my little sissy’s have what I call their ass pussy stretched and used for my pleasure.
I love it all…
Daddy taught me right… How to use my body for pleasure when I want to or for pain when I’m in a mood…
Which one do you want today guys…Miss Hollie – the Nice one that will tell you my real life daddy stories that will make you cum so hard your going to fee the contractions of your orgasm for days or
Mistress Hollie -the very naughty one that loves to humiliate you, torture you, make your ass a pussy to fuck and be my cumslut? :)
I have to admit there both very naughty.
If you want to have a call and you don’t see me on the weekly schedule email me.
I can usually arrange a time to take care of you… you just have to let me know.
I will be more on a regular schedule after the new year…
send me an email.. are you worth my time you fucking little cumslut?
Are you in the mood for how my daddy started me out the right way?
or maybe your into hearing how I love to play with some outdoor friends with my little slaves? …
Do you want to hear about my little bitches that I have that come over and once here only wear their collar and make my outdoor friends very happy ?
let me know in the email and I will try to get back to you asap…
bye for now their guys, cant wait to talk to you…..
Hollie…. 360-412-8205 or 405-366-2187


“I’m sugar and spice and every thing nice and Cock is what Hollie lives for!”

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