Hollie’s Having a Contest- Who Wants to PLAY??

I got such a great bunch of callers and they are so naughty and kinky!
I got to thinking, I wonder if they are holding back
But knowing the fantasies they do tell me I can only imagine the ones they don’t
So guys here is your chance to really let me see what you really fantasize about, I know it will be hot!
And to reward you, I came up with a way to let you benefit for all those dark fantasies you share with me!
So guys & gals here your chance! No more holding back – just tell me your hottest darkest fantasies:

So Here’s the Skinny :
1) You must purchase a call (with Hollie) in order to enter the contest.
2)It must be a genuine unique fantasy- the whole reason is to hear YOUR deepest, darkest HOTTEST secret/fantasy.
3)The winner will be able to collect his 5mins on his next paid call.
**(So you have to tell me (Hollie) your fantasy during a paid call and if you win you will get your free 5 mins during the next paid call with Hollie.*)

Now that the fine print is out of the way here’s the fun part:
free 5 extra minutes given to the guy or girl who does a call with Hollie and has the hottest- best- fantasy…
each day until the end of the month 1 caller will be chosen-

May I add my callers (Hollies) are some of the naughtiest, guys with the hottest darkest fantasies as it is- this is going to be so hot !
I can’t wait to hear all of the hot dark fantasies!

WHAT YOU WIN:::: A FREE 5 extra minutes added to his or her “next” PAID call with Hollie!!
I am judging on the overall best fantasy you get off on, as always the fantasy its anything goes-whatever sick – twisted, dark fantasy
you have. You know what I’m talking about- those fantasies you NEVER tell anyone ! Those are the ones I can’t wait to hear!
At the end of the month I am going to take all of my fantasy’s and judge the very best one, the one that was the hottest, nastiest, naughtiest,
fantasy and I will post it on my posts here (no name included)and a reward yet to be announced.
If you have any questions just email me at Hollie@yourdesires.com

Hollies Diary of a Phone Sex Addict
The contest is only with Hollie.

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