DADDY’S LITTLE GIRL – Hollie (Diary of a Phone Sex Addict)

Daddy It’s Hollie, I’m here all night long all by myself waiting for the phone to ring… … please come home early…
We can have our alone time if you do.
We will have the empty house all weekend.
You said you wanted to show me something,
(the next weekend alone, just you and me… )?
I promise I’ll be good…. very good,  Daddy
Daddy’s Little Girl  (Hollie)
P.S. I’ll be good if you bring your poker friends home again too Daddy, You said I was a very good girl for them last time and I have been practicing very hard on that toy just like you showed me that they like it Daddy…. I want to make you happy so I get my creamy white reward. :)
Are you a friend of Daddy’s?
Oh Daddy I love how you make me feel when I’m your special girl
entry in *Diary of a phone sex addict.

I Need Daddy to CUM get in Bed with Me!

oh daddy its stretching my pussy
Hollie 405-366-2187

taking it slow
show me how daddy!
Hollie 405-366-2187

Any Daddies out the Want to be my Daddy tonight?

I’m ready for my sweat creamy surprise!

Can’t wait to feel your you slide into my bed and feel your hard throbbing cock all ready for all my holes

I need my special creamy treat Daddy…

CUM stretch my tiny little pussy

CUM inside me Daddy…

*diary of a Phone Sex Addict


Hollie’s Having a Contest- Who Wants to PLAY??

I got such a great bunch of callers and they are so naughty and kinky!
I got to thinking, I wonder if they are holding back
But knowing the fantasies they do tell me I can only imagine the ones they don’t
So guys here is your chance to really let me see what you really fantasize about, I know it will be hot!
And to reward you, I came up with a way to let you benefit for all those dark fantasies you share with me!
So guys & gals here your chance! No more holding back – just tell me your hottest darkest fantasies:

So Here’s the Skinny :
1) You must purchase a call (with Hollie) in order to enter the contest.
2)It must be a genuine unique fantasy- the whole reason is to hear YOUR deepest, darkest HOTTEST secret/fantasy.
3)The winner will be able to collect his 5mins on his next paid call.
**(So you have to tell me (Hollie) your fantasy during a paid call and if you win you will get your free 5 mins during the next paid call with Hollie.*)

Now that the fine print is out of the way here’s the fun part:
free 5 extra minutes given to the guy or girl who does a call with Hollie and has the hottest- best- fantasy…
each day until the end of the month 1 caller will be chosen-

May I add my callers (Hollies) are some of the naughtiest, guys with the hottest darkest fantasies as it is- this is going to be so hot !
I can’t wait to hear all of the hot dark fantasies!

WHAT YOU WIN:::: A FREE 5 extra minutes added to his or her “next” PAID call with Hollie!!
I am judging on the overall best fantasy you get off on, as always the fantasy its anything goes-whatever sick – twisted, dark fantasy
you have. You know what I’m talking about- those fantasies you NEVER tell anyone ! Those are the ones I can’t wait to hear!
At the end of the month I am going to take all of my fantasy’s and judge the very best one, the one that was the hottest, nastiest, naughtiest,
fantasy and I will post it on my posts here (no name included)and a reward yet to be announced.
If you have any questions just email me at Hollie@yourdesires.com

Hollies Diary of a Phone Sex Addict
The contest is only with Hollie.


All Snowed In? – Daddy’s Little Pet is all Ready For Bed

All snowed in?
Daddy want to have some fun!? 405-366-2187
Daddy’s little fuck toy is hot, horny, wet and ready to cum for daddy!

I’m lying here all alone in my nice warm bed playing with my sweet pink pussy

I can’t stop thinking about how Daddy crawled into my bed –

the other night and how good you made your Hollie feel.

Can’t you Cum in my bed again tonight?

with all this snow we might have to be here alone for awhile.

Or maybe your friends can make it through and we can all stay here together,
I know how you Love it when your fuck toy puts a smile on their faces.

so let it snow out there – while you CUM in here- all storm Long!

Hollie – call direct- 405-366-2187
It’s So Yummy daddy… I love slurping up all of your sweet creamy surprise…
remember you promised me if I do a good job I get my sweet treat at the end…

waiting for my sweet treat daddy….
diary of a phone sex addict