All Snowed In? – Daddy’s Little Pet is all Ready For Bed

All snowed in?
Daddy want to have some fun!? 405-366-2187
Daddy’s little fuck toy is hot, horny, wet and ready to cum for daddy!

I’m lying here all alone in my nice warm bed playing with my sweet pink pussy

I can’t stop thinking about how Daddy crawled into my bed –

the other night and how good you made your Hollie feel.

Can’t you Cum in my bed again tonight?

with all this snow we might have to be here alone for awhile.

Or maybe your friends can make it through and we can all stay here together,
I know how you Love it when your fuck toy puts a smile on their faces.

so let it snow out there – while you CUM in here- all storm Long!

Hollie – call direct- 405-366-2187
It’s So Yummy daddy… I love slurping up all of your sweet creamy surprise…
remember you promised me if I do a good job I get my sweet treat at the end…

waiting for my sweet treat daddy….
diary of a phone sex addict

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