The Challenge

I bought a dartboard over the weekend. I don’t know why, but I just felt
like it might be a bit of fun when the girls come over. Little did I know
how fun it would be when one of my guys come over. Usually, when a lover
comes to my house, I am so ready to get it on, we don’t bother with any
games that can’t be played laying down. Sunday night was different. He
came over, some beer in hand, I had just gotten home from work and was
needing to unwind a bit… I showed him my dartboard, letting him know
what a great aim I have. He raised his eyebrow and took it as a challenge.
Ha, he thought he could beat me so I immediately decided we would play a
game. The loser had to do anything the winner wanted. Needless to say I
won. Several times. Over and over until the sun was coming up and he was
late for work. I know you want to hear all about it.

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