Hollies getting new Summer Hours 405-366-2187 *

Now  that summer is here I am taking a few hours to ENJOY!

I have many more thing to do during the summer!

I have more subbies to train- and parties to go to..

And bigger gangbangs to do!

So there will be plenty of stories for all to hear!

If you need to do a all closer to my regular hours let me know

If you need a session earlier than my schedule just let me know  Hollie@yourdesires.com

I am always willing to fit you in and give you the CUM of your life…or if your one of my subbies on CUM restriction well you will only dream of having the CUM of your life!

New hours: 12am PST-8am PST

Just for you:

Hollie Squirting during call

*Diary of a Phone Sex Addict

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