Oh what a week I’ve had. (Diary of a Phone sex addict)

Had a great weekend. The guy I see threw me the greatest party. It started Friday and ended sometime in the wee hours of Monday morning.
It was so much fun.
I had been so horney last week I about wore him out!
I just can’t help it when I talk to my callers and tell them about my parties, or how my daddy taught me so well how to make a cock explode without even touching it, I just have to be fucked a little extra to get my mind of sex..lol
Being addicted to sex is the best addiction I can think of!
He loves pleasing me and loves seeing me with others. He says there is not a man on the face of the earth that can satisfy my lust to be fucked. I think he maybe correct, many a man has tried. So that’s why he brings guys home to have a party!
We both are off the charts kinky so we have some outrageous parties. Since we live out in the middle of nowhere we can get as loud and crazy as we want.
Its even better that he is very handy with tools and makes all kinds of things we can use at our parties. My regular callers know about some of the furniture and toys he has made for me. “If he builds it I will cum for sure”
My living room table that is made to the right height to get fucked when on my hands and knees on the rotating top. Instead of spin the bottle its called spin the slut. when guys are around the table they fuck where I stop. face, ass or pussy more to follow….






“Im sugar and spice and every thing nice and Cock is what Hollie lives for!”

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