written by a a

Zivia is beautiful. Very beautiful. So beautiful sometimes I lose track of time,
where i’m at…

W /we were walking, i’m not sure where. Zivia is 5’5” and maybe a buck-twenty-five.
Sweet 34 B’s slimming to a 24”, perfectly claspable Waist before flaring out to
eminently alluring 36” Hips. Black Hair that draws you into it like midnight and
hazel Eyes that dance with a mixxxture of colours that simply draw you further into

Out of the blue – or was it hazel ;) Zivia asked me casually,“What do you love best
about Me?”

A usual enough question from your Girlfriend, but Zivia had put subliminal
programming from that innocent message.

With a cloud forming over my eyes and a dreaminess to my voice i answered Her, “Your

Zivia then whispered in my ear, “Picture My Hips swaying infront of you in a slow,
SENSUAL figure-eight. I’m not wearing anything.”

She had several ways to put me under Her Hip-notic Power,this was one of the
stronger ones as i immediately visualized Her standing overme kneeling as Her sweet
Hips slowly gyrated and the Scent of Her Womanhood put me into a deep trance.

“When you watch My Hips of gold, now you MUST do as you aretold!” Zivia whispered. 

“I want you to remember the SWEETEST TASTE you’ve EVERtasted.” My Girlfriend and
Master Womanipulated me, smiling Her enchantingsmile as my own face was flooded with
pleasure at the memory.

“Now pick Me up and put Me in this tree.” She told me as W/  and we apparently had gone to
the park, and i obeyed, easily lifting Her to a branchthat just perfectly put Her
sitting with Her sweetest Womanhood JUST at mouth-level for me. 

“Spread My Legs.” Zivia ordered me and as i did the fullPower of Her earlier
suggestion came to me fully and any resistance i might have had to Her suggestions
was now cumpletely gone. Without Her saying anotherword i immediately went to
worshipping Zivia’s Labia. Not attacking Her Clit like so many men do, anxious to get
to where they can fuck a woman, but gently breathing on Her, exxxciting Her with soft
strokes of tongue, lips, and gentle caressing from my teeth rather than brutalizing
Her Femininity into submission.It was i who was submitting wholly to Her Power.

“As you taste Me, My taste will be TEN TIMES as sweet as theone you remembered.”
Zivia told me and my reaction to caressing Her Pussy – ALLof Her Pussy – told Her
that i had given myself wholly to Her Teachings and worshipped Her for being a Woman,
but more for being the Woman that chose me.The taste of Zivia made me love Her more
deeply and trust Her Womanipulations. i WANTED Her to fill me with Herself. i needed
for Her to own me cumpletely. 

i don’t know how long i worshipped my Master Zivia and i can assure you i don’t care.
i sucked Her skin around Her Clit into my mouth strongly – all the way to the back of
my mouth and swirled Her around. i let itout exxxcept for a small bit of skin to
pull over Her Clit so it would be teased but not savaged, stimulated but not
overwhelmed. i swirled the skin overHer Clit around quickly in a tight circle and
then rolled the skin off suddenly to give Her Clit just a short shock of direct
stimulation. She came from that. 

Then i took a drink from the hot chai tea Zivia had boughtbefore W/we entered the
park and used the heat to tease Her Clit some more. iswitched back and forth between
the hot chai and an iced chai to give Her hotand cold and She came again and again i
lapped up Her Pleasure, deepening HerCuntrol over me. i didn’t know W/we had either
of those before lapping myMaster Zivia’s sweet shaved Pussy. 

After awhile and several Zivia orgasms she told me softly, “Now!you NEED Me! you
HAVE to have Me! My cock betwixxxt your legs is raging hardand your ONLY thought is
that if you can’t have Me your balls will burst fromunfulfilled NEED for Me!”

Sweeping Master Zivia down from the tree in a fluid motionpushing Her roughly over
the park bench nexxxt to the tree i unleashed Her cocki wear between my legs ONLY
for Her and began to thrust wildly and She let outa small shriek. Not loud, but just
enough to draw another couple who had beennearby.

Master Zivia was a little annoyed to be interrupted when She wanted cum in Her but
the couple was…odd. The Woman seemed intrigued and theman somewhat timid. She was
clearly in cuntrol, at least in this situation.

“How do You get Your boyfriend to do this for You?” the woman asked and it was clear
that She conceded Power to Zivia even though she wasprobably older than Zivia is.

Still slightly irritated but also VERY full of Her Power atthis point Master Zivia
didn’t say a word but removed Her blouse and bra,swaying Her glorious B-cup Tits in
a slow, SENSUAL figure-eight and told boththe woman and her boyfriend, “When you
watch My Tits of gold, now you MUST doas you are told! Look DEEP into My Tits!

“i believe in You completely! i TRUST You, both man and womans lipped under Zivia’s
Power, unable to look away from Her Tits with the truly PERFECT Aereolae.

“Her Pussy OWNS you!” Zivia told the man, “you can NEVER cumunless She tells you to.
Not masturbating and CERTAINLY NEVER in any otherWoman. you will do ANYTHING to
please Her.”

Clearly under the influence of bad television or movies about Tit-nosis he answered
Zivia, “Yes…MASSS-ter!”

Grinning now, Master Zivia asked the Woman, “What do you wantmost in your man?”

“i want him to be enthusiastic about being with other men forme.” the woman

Getting hottt again, Zivia told the young man, “Suck my man’scock!”

The young man hesitated so Zivia snapped at him, “If you DON’Tsuck his cock RIGHT
NOW you can NEVER becum hard EVER again unless yourgirlfriend TELLS you!”

Immediately the young man knelt before me, still entranced bymy Master and standing
nude and pliant under the lamp light of the park bench. hedid blanch a little before
moving his lips to my pulsing cock and Ziviacuckolded him further, telling him, “you
are sucking a CLIT!”

Now the young man went to his work enthusiastically and Ziviaput further cuntrols
into him for the woman.

“Now!” Zivia told the woman, “Suck your man’s cock.”

The woman went eagerly to her assigned task and Zivia toldthe young man, “Whenever
she exxxcites you, the ONE thought in your mind is toplease her! If that means you
have to suck men, you will ACHE to do it for her!”

The young man eagerly slurped his obedience and Zivia smiled.

Then Zivia slurped the cock i wear and told the woman and manbetween Her
Womanistrations, “you will CUM soon! When you DO cum, ALL of yourtestosterone will
go into her mouth! When she swallows it she will becumCUMPLETELY DOMME-inant over
you. She will suck you EVERY day and the cum willmake her STRONGER and STRONGER over
you. you will becum her CUCKOLD, suckingand fucking ANY man she wants you to!”

The young man exxxploded into his girlfriend’s mouth just asmy programming made me
cum in my Masss-ter Zivia’s…

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