Sensual Zee/ written by Sensual Subbie

When Her slave finally finished pleasuring Her what he didn't realize was this was
just the beginning.  He would no longer be able to leave Goddess Zivia's loft
hideout in the woods.  He would remain there like a captive little pet that would of
course be fed and taken care of but he was now Her pleasure toy to serve Her sweet
little tight wet bald pussy anytime She so desired.  He was to become an oral slave
with the occasional fucking of Her as She saw fit.

She slowly pulled his head from Her lap and walked Her beautiful supple young sexy
naked body across the room ... standing in the corner She slowly and sweetly pointed
into the corner where there was a fluffy large dog bed.  She cooed, "Come slave, get
in Your bed".  He looked dismayed but all he could think of was how sweet Her pussy
was and how the intoxicating scent of Her sweet sex filled the room which kept him
in a constant state of obedience to Her every whim like a hypnotic elixir.

He carefully pulled himself out of the deep soft mattress of Her bed grazing his
hand across the wetness that remained there on the sheets where She'd just cum so
HARD ... and down onto the floor he crawled his way into his new bed in the corner. 
Once there She walked over to Her bedside drawer and pulled out a black collar then
strolled back over to the corner holding it over him ... then with a delightful
playfulness She simply dropped it.  It fell on his bowed head.  She said, "Put it on
sweetie" as she giggled.

She delighted in the fact that She had so easily seduced him that day online simply
chatting about how She needed to be pleasured and filled with his hard cock.  And
now in no time at all he was perfectly subjugated to Her will down low in the corner
for Her to cull when She needed to be pleasured.

She pranced off to the kitchen to fix something to eat and then carefully brought
him back a plate placing it at the edge of his large dog bed next to the water bowl
on the floor.  Then She returned to fix Herself a little something all the while
saying, "You're going to need Your strength slave!" as She laughed to Herself really
as She wasn't taking much notice of him anymore.  He on the other hand watched every
move of Her naked body as he ate.  He was so fucking enamored ... giddy really.  And
his animalistic mind toggled between thoughts of love and lust.  He couldn't tell
which was at play and he really didn't care for he was basking in the pleasure and
privilege of the moment just being in Her presence.

It wasn't long before She returned and began playing with Herself getting Herself
good and wet and ready for his hard cock.  Just when enough time had gone by and Her
pussy was good and wet and ready to be filled She called him forth, "Come here sweet
slave!  Come fuck Your Goddess!"

He bounded to his knees crawling to the bed with the eagerness of a puppy so hot
with desire as he breathed in Her intoxicating scent ...

To Be Continued

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