For a Good Time Call for Yourdesires:

Dial the phone (405-366-2187) Grab Your COCK!

Now- You Have The BEST of Both Worlds in Hand!

Lets Play Out a Fantasy, or stroke while your cock & listen to My Daddy Stories,
Whatever Your Heart(COCK) Desires!

So What Are YOU Waiting For? I can’t wait to hear what YourDesires are!

HOLLIE 405-366-2187

*I’m A Certified Sex Addict-”
I’m Addicted to Sex and Love Phone Sex- Again Best of both worlds!

**Entry 993 of Diaries of a PHONE SEX ADDICT
***Alternative Life Instructor:
Helping Those to Crossover to Their Other Side.
Live Life The Way you Were Meant to Live Life!

Hours are 2AM-8AM pst
I am available by appointment if another time is better for you.
EMAIL ME: Hollie@yourdesires.com
In SUBJECT line please put: “Make Appointment”
List the times good for you and I will get back to you :)

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