Feeling the heat

I’m feeling  so bold, bright, and beautiful today with the sun out and my clothes off. It’s the perfect time to let loose a little and enjoy the sweeter things in life. Let’s explore together and find all the things that will surely make your day great <3


Beach Time!

I had the most lovely day yesterday. I decided to treat myself to a
weekend away from playing with all you horny boys and girls to have a
beach day. One of my friends lives on a secluded beach that is perfect
for nude sunbathing and other fun summer time activities. I got to lay
out in the sun completely naked and I got to swim in the lake too. Is
there anything better than being in nature, surrounded by sexy friends? I
wish you all could have been there with me. I have enough naughty
memories to fill the rest of my summer. Wanna hear about them?


Too Hot?

I sure do love a pool party! There's nothing better than a cool pool on a
hot day.  All I need is my bikini, a pool floaty (my current one is a
purple donut) and a ice cold beverage delivered by a cabana boy.  Lately
it's been almost too hot to even think about fucking so I've been having
some of my sexy friends just serve me those cool margaritas.  One of the
man pleasures of being a Domme is always being able to find a cutie who
wants to serve.

How would you serve me?

Summer Sissy Love Notes

I got this email today and thought it would serve as some reminders to all
of you sissy and subbie little sluts.
1). Just because you think it’s a simple hello doesn’t mean I can’t or
won’t twist your words into a command for my entertainment.
2). Just because I’m not here doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be thinking of me
or serving me.
3). To me, training is a group effort which requires utilizing all of the
special skills my fellow YD Ladies have to offer.

“On Friday i made the mistake of saying HI to Mistress Autumn and
mentioned that i have had so little time lately.

Explaining that my weekends have been filled lately with buttoning down
things for winter,
except when i spend Sunday mornings sitting, grading papers here at my desk.

Somehow (*whine*) She heard it as
“slut is home alone and at his desk so is to be wearing something slutty
and tight”


And that “slut has to tell people because She was gone for the weekend.

Now i am wearing this while i grade papers.
Stripey panties, ring (still from Friday night) at the base of my clitty
and ovies, knee hi’s, bra and tight shirt, stretch pants.

Thank You


Your slut”


Fourth Of July

I hope you all have a fun and sexy 4th of July! I’ll be spending mine in
my shortest shorts and tiniest bikini top lounging on the beach sipping
some kind of fruity beverage. What better way to spend my favorite summer
holiday than by getting tipsy and teasing all the horny men. Some men are
just for teasing and some are for fucking. I love that I get to decided
which is which. Obviously the biggest packages in wet swim trunks get my
pussy’s attention. Tiny little peckers get a different kind of attention
that might be a bit more frustrating. I’ll keep a tally of how many cocks
I get hard and how many I let explode all over my tits and ass.
Here’s to red hot pussies, blue balls and white hot cum!


Red Hot Heat

This summer is shaping up to be a hot one and I’m not just talking about
the weather. I spend most of my day at a desk job, but at night I get to
play! It’s been warm enough that I can change into my most revealing
outfit and hang out on the patio of my favorite bars. I usually go alone,
but I rarely leave alone. After a couple of happy hour beverages I’m
feeling nice and loose. That’s when it’s time to find my prey. I check
out all the packages coming to see which one looks the yummiest (this is
why all men should wear skinny jeans or gym shorts). Luckily I’ve had
lots of practice teasing and talking dirty so it doesn’t take long to get
him where I want him. Usually it’s the alley or a car, I don’t even care
if the sun is still out. That just makes it naughtier for me. I just
love being a summer slut.
What’s your favorite summer activity?


Summer Fun

I thought you all would like an update on all of the fun I’ve been having
that past week or so

*It’s super warm in some parts of the world so one sweet slut got an ice
cold glass dildo shoved into her greedy cunt.
*My ashtray got some matches hot glued to his nuts which were then lit
making the most beautiful fireball on either either sides of it’s nuts.
*I got to train my new pet in proper pony etiquette. Luckily I had all of
the stallions in the stables to help me teach.
*Sometimes sweet boys just need a relaxing bath and massage from Mommy.
I’m always happy to deliver some soothing after a long day.
*I’ve gotten to suck so many cocks over the past few days that I’ve lost
count, but my favorite is when they end in either us getting fucked in the
ass. I think I prefer bending someone over after I get them nice and hard
and then really plow into their tight asses.

This is just a short list of the fun I’ve had lately. Perhaps you and I
could add a few things to the list for next time.