Skinny dipping secrets…..

Jade Jaguar here……oh my gosh Summer is my FAVORITE season and it is finally warming up around here! (Well, it’s always warm in the YD Doll house but you know what I mean) AND I love Summer for many reasons….the cute little outfits, shorts shorts, rarely wearing a bra, summer dresses, manicured toes in sexy sandals, tan skin, pool time, BBQ’d steaks, skinny dipping AND bikinis! I like to think of bikinis as the lingerie of the water….looks super yummy but even better on the floor…..  I am such a naughty girl, this I know…the bikini brings it out in me…..I confess…I do own at least 7 bikinis each year and try to keep my bikini on’cause they are so cute but am rarely with a tan line and love to be naked!!  :) Besides…. who doesn’t love to skinny dip?!  The feeling of  swimming naked is such a turn on…..What style of bikini do you enjoy seeing your favorite Doll in??  This one is by far my new favorite!  Come play with me…. tell me your skinny dipping secrets and I will tell you mine….I am soaking wet….xo

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Soft tan skin on white sheets…..

Jade Jaguar here………….

Nothing makes me feel sexier than tan skin on white…white lace, white sheets…..its so intoxicating to me.  Definitely puts me in the mood.  Whenever my skin is tan and soft from all the coconut oil I rub on myself everyday….I love to touch my kitty and play. Play in the bathtub, in my bed, by the pool and when I talk to you.  It is sooooo sensual.  I would love for you to massage me by the pool. At dusk, my favorite time of the day….me laying there naked on a white towel….you rubbing my body with oil, my shoulders, back, I can feel you getting hard….my hips, ass, thighs, I spread my legs a little more ever so innocently.  I am hoping you will slide your fingers in between.  I am throbbing for you.  Dripping wet. Nothing feels better than having my kitty massaged while I lay on my tummy, naked and exposed to you…..I am wondering if you will play with me and take a lick of my ass?  I have been wanting this all day…….Tell me how good I taste…. tell me how bad you want me baby…..

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Here’s peek.  xoxoxo




Morning sexxxxx….Morning wood….yummm…I’m hungry

Jade Jaguar here……oh waking up without you was not fun this morning.  There is nothing better than getting woken up by a poke from your hard cock tapping me awake.  I love morning sex. I smile into to my pillow .  I cant wait for your hands to be all over me.  I am half asleep, half awake in a dream state.  Somehow my kitty is always wet.  Especially in the morning. I would love to role play with you.  I want to know your morning wood, thick and throbbing, long and standing at attention, short and stubby?  Yummy.  Send me your best bedroom selfie.  Cant wait!  jade@yourdesires.com               www.yourdesires.com   polishedjade@yahoo messenger xoxo.


Nice guys finish last ;) Would you let me cum first??

Jade Jaguar here……..I couldn’t help myself and be a little cheeky with that title.  Cum in cheek so to speak ;) Oh the YD dolls and I had so much fun last night! A couple dolls and I did a three-girl call and it was soooooo much fun!!  I quickly recalled how sexydirtynaughty my late night my girls can be! Meoooow! SO yeah, I do love a gentleman truth be told but I especially love a man that doesn’t mind finishing last……..such nice guys in my book.  Let me know your thoughts….www.yourdesires.com/jade    polishedjade @ yahoo messenger      360.709.0100

Sweet & Innocent

Sweet & Innocent


Kiss me on the lips….xxx

Jade Jaguar here…….Night number 2 at the YD doll house.  Feels so good to be back…..AND do you know what I am wanting tonight besides you????  Kisses, kisses and kisses…..on both sets of my delicious wet lips. *Giggle   There is something so sexy about a man taking you with his mouth.  I cant stop thinking about it.  I am needing some attention tonight and I promise to be naughty and nice.  Maybe we can even invite another YD Doll to join us??  Whats more fun than one yummy doll wanting you?  How about two? I would love to hear what has been on your mind lately…..come say hi….I will try not to bite.

Kiss me xxx

Kiss me xxx


Back from vacation and soooo exxxxcited…..

Jade Jaguar here….I am freshly back from vacation!

Poolside...red toes

Poolside…red toes     and I am soooo excited to chat! I am curious to know what everyone has been up to and what are the latest and greatest stories you have to share.  I miss being at the YD doll house and more importantly…. I am missing YOU! I would love to tell you all about the naughty things that have been on my mind…..I am here until midnight and I am feeling exceptionally dirty, so reach out and make a girl feel welcomed back….as always….you wont be disappointed.  xoxoxo



Breakfast in Bed….XXX

Good morning Darlings……Jade Jaguar here……wouldn’t it be so yummy if I brought you mimosas and breakfast in bed?  Naked? In a halo of sexy bed hair and the innocence of morning shining through???  Maybe after breakfast we can take a shower and then you can give me a massage…….tie me up, blindfold me……at this rate we may never leave the bed…..call me and tell me what you would do to me…….(360) 709-0100.  www.yourdesires.com/jade

Lets stay in bed all day....

Lets stay in bed all day….


Free Fantasy Friday……Win 5 min!

Mmmmmm it is Friday gentlemen!!  Guess what?  I am missing you and ready for some action.

If you can read one of my fantasies and call me with the details….I will give you 5 minutes free just cause I am such a sweetheart.  Come see what you are missing out on….

Remember you can pre book appointments too since I am so busy and want to make sure you get the undivided attention you deserve.  I want the whole house to hear me moan and scream your name……

Let me take you by the hand...down this long hallway...to bliss......

Let me take you by the hand…down this long hallway…to bliss……

long hallwayCall me (3620) 709-0100.  I am here until 6pm tonight…..  xoxo Jade Jaguar



Friday Eve……..

Oh Thursday how I love thee………one day after hump day and one day before Friday.  Can I just tell you how much I want a heavy hitter behind me?  So I can SCREAM your name over and over………Showing me what a Friday Eve is supposed to feel like! BAM! I am feeling kinky……come play with me…….meow! www.yourdesires.com/jade           (360) 709-0100

Waiting for you....

Waiting for you….


Orgasm at Work! Two birds….one stone….

Tweet tweet……..Make the most of your Monday, aka the last day of February 2016 with some afternoon delight with your girl, Jade Jaguar………..

Please say you want this too...

Please say you want this too…


Your week is off to a great start at the office because you are a genius and maybe, just maybe you might deserve a little time to yourself….a little papering from your polishedjade …..give me a call and lets see how we can make an average Monday….a magical Monday……orgasm, orgasm, orgasm…yes! yes! yes!

Bend me over your desk to orgasm, let me straddle you in your company truck so we can both orgasm at the same time or sneak me into a conference room for some xxx private cumpany..a slllloooowwww orgasm…….

Adult phone sex.. phone orgasm….discreet mind fucking…….mind blowing orgasms……..lets play the afternoon away…..

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