High Heels and Fish Nets

Today is one of my favorite times of year.

Costumes, horror,  candy!

What could be a better excuse to get all dressed up and looking sexy?

I have a nice tall pair of heels and and I know you want to hear them.

Cum play!


Shivers down your spine….

I have some nice long nails I’m just dying to dig into some soft subtle skin.

Yours or mine?

Pleasure or pain?

Give me a call, lets play a game ;)



Sweet as a Peach

Who is ready to do some yoga?

Cum test your flexibility, or mine.

You can watch me while I bend over and stretch my legs, my sweet little ass perfectly outlined by my yoga pants.

Slide your hands around my curves, maybe take a bite if you dare.

I know my tasty juices will be to your liking!




Tied up Tuesday!

Sitting here in this dark dungeon, needing someone to take control.

Tied up and helpless, ripe for the taking

Bring your own toys or we can use mine, a belt, a whip, a rope.

What will it be today?

Am I on my knees, or are you?



Let Us Play….

In a garden full of flowers,

Pluck one to tease my body,

Run the petals silky surface against my skin,

And tease my nipples with the stem.

Cum now boys lets play in my garden.



And The Winner Is…..

Gather around, you lucky men. Today you have a chance to take home a very beautiful prize, a one of a kind girl that you get to have all to yourself. Each one is quite tempting, how shall you choose? Now your chance has come and we will see how far you are willing to go.

Come now Darling, don’t be shy.


The morning has never been quite as sweet!

I’m ready to start my day with some fun!

Who is ready to cover my body in syrup and lick every drop off?

Maybe you have a sausage that will taste oh so good in my mouth.

Give me a bit of cream for my coffee baby, I’m waiting.


Can it get any hotter?

With the heat like it has been people are wondering if it can get hotter.

Think you have what it takes to get my blood hot and my pussy wet?

I just know you and I can heat things up.

Why don’t you give this phone sex line a call?

I’m up for the challenge, are you?



With summer coming so close to an end and the temperature continuing to rise I can’t help but want to spend my days wet.

Maybe a skinny dip in the river up the road, you and I can play while we cool off.

A dip in water then to the bank, laying down naked and drying off in the beating sun. We can intertwine and have a little fun, my body may be dry but my pussy is wet and waiting. This heat can’t be beat, so I am yours for the taking!

Cum play Darling.



Sun tan lines.

I spent my day in a bikini outside enjoying the weather.

Picking blackberries and catching crawfish.

Now all dressed up in a little black dress and a sexy pair of heels,

I need someone to come slip it all off and explore the places the sun could not kiss.

You know you want to Darlin, come taste!