Autumn’s Kinky Alphabet C

C is for Crossdressing Even when I was a little girl I loved playing dress up. Of course I loved putting things on myself, but I also really enjoyed dressing up my brothers and their friends. I was a very convincing young thing. I could talk the most hetero guy into putting on lipstick and a dress just by being cute. As I’ve gotten older I’ve honed my skills a bit. I’ve also learned that there are some boys that enjoy being dressed up. The day I learned that my heart was full. What is sexier than a man in something frilly and lacy and pink? I’m not just talking about panties. I’m talking full outfits. Panties, bras, stockings, dresses, heels, wigs, makeup. The whole deal! I love picking out the perfect outfit for my breathing paperdolls. I love the blushing that starts to happen when the guy realizes how much he’s enjoying the sensation of the girly fabrics against his skin. I love seeing how his body language changes from almost macho into something more feminine as he gives me more and more control. I love stripping all of that masculinity as I add each new piece of clothing. He’s giving me all of this power and the more he gives the more I want. Once I see how hard my outfit has made you then all hope is gone, little sissy. You’re in trouble and should be nervous about what happens next.



The second piece of exciting news is that your sexy little redhead’s birthday is right around the corner. I like to start the celebrations early and there’s no better present than hearing that phone ring and hearing your sexy voice on the other end. With your help we can make this birthday the best yet!
Talk to you soon, darlings!


Autumn’s Kinky Alphabet B

B is for Blue Balls: Everyone knows that I *love* cum. I love everything about it. When I say “everything” I’m including making you hold it in your balls. It is so sexy to get a man rock hard (by any means necessary) and making him stay that way. Of course, I like to play the cock and the balls. I like to stroke and caress and spank, and lick and suck and all of those other goodies. I also like to do all of those things without a release of white, sticky cum. I love watching the cock get so hard that it twitches with even the tiniest touch. I love seeing the head get bright purple. I love seeing the balls get tight and tense just waiting to expel that liquid. I love watching the look on a gentleman’s face change from pleasure to agony with each stroke and each firm “No! Not yet!” that comes out of my mouth. And I especially love the sounds of panting and whimpering and then the begging. The sound of a grown man begging get my nipples so hard and gets my pussy so wet. I get so turned on that my little cunt needs some relief. Since I’m the one in charge, I’ll almost always opt to let you watch me finger myself to orgasm. It’s very important that you keep stroking during my solo adventure. That’s what gets me so hot. If you can’t control yourself and end up squirting I hope you are prepared to take the consequences.


Autumn’s Kinky Alphabet A

I get asked a lot what my favorite fetishes are. The list is crazy long so I thought it would be a good project for me to list some of my favorites alphabetically. This will not be an all inclusive list. I’m thinking of it as a short list. It’s a list to give you a better idea of what my kinks are. I imagine there will be some common ground. So keep your eyes open for the newest installments of the series as they come out of my pretty head. We will start with “A”.
A is for Age Play: This was actually one of my first kinks. It kind of got the ball rolling for everything else. Once I realized that I liked being Daddy’s little girl I also realized that I’m a giant pervert. I love hearing “good girl” being whispered into my ear while I feel Daddy’s cock get hard under my round ass. I like squirming in his lap, rubbing his hardness against me. Using whatever makes contact with my pussy as friction to get my pussy wetter and wetter. I even love the spankings when I’m being a naughty brat. There’s nothing like the stinging and tingling of a freshly swatted ass. Especially when you’re pulling a pair of white cotton panties over your red ass. I like to do it REALLY slowly so I can feel the thin fabric go over every single welt. This, of course, makes Daddy very happy. So then I have to get on my knees right between Daddy’s lap and show him what a good, good girl I am. I know that he can’t help how hard he gets and I know that it’s naughty for me to want to get him so hard. When he does get perfectly erect I know just what to do. I’m a quick little girl and Daddy is a very good teacher.


So Many Sluts, So Little Time

Sometimes it is very hard for a girl to concentrate with all of these
lovely ladies walking around. I absolutely adore cock, but I just keep
seeing these sexy sluts walking around with next to nothing and it gets my
pussy so dripping wet. Maybe you and I should team up and teach these
naughty girls some lessons?


Back From Vacation

Missing me, darling? I know you are. I’ll be back soon and I can’t wait
to remind you why you love my voice so much. My pussy is already wet with
the anticipation of our playtime. Do you have a huge load backed up for
me? What naughty thoughts did you have about me while I was away? A week
can be a very long time and we have so much to catch up on.

Mark your calender! December 16th, 8am!


Holiday Vacation

This little slut is taking a vacation to get some sun. I’ll be gone for 10
days December 6th through the 16th to be exact) for naughty fun with
umbrella drinks and sandy beaches. I know you’ll miss me, but there are
plenty of times to play before my adventure and I would love for you to
send me off with a smile. I’ll miss you and the other phone sluts here at
YourDesires so I need to make sure I get my fill of wet pussy and hot
phone sex.
I’ll come back with tons of naughty stories (like always) to share with you.

I’ll be around Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday for the next two
weeks so let’s play!


I Need A Helper

You know those days when all you can think about is sex? I’m having one
of those today. All I can think about is getting one of my tight holes
fucked silly. Luckily, I get to spend all day having sex on the phone to
get me through until I head out on the town looking for something or
someone to get between my creamy thighs. Wanna help me out?


Where To Find Me

I know I’m only around 2 days a week to focus on my studies, but that
doesn’t mean I’m completely off the grid. You can find me on Tumblr at or you can follow me on Twitter at
I also check my email pretty regularly (

If it’s a Wednesday or Thursday feel free to drop me an IM on Yahoo and
AOL. My screename on both is AutumnFalls4You

See? It’s so easy to stay in touch with me.


I Feel So Loved

Even though I deliver such pain the pain sluts are always so thankful. I
got this sweet note after leaving such sweet marks.
I really enjoy leaving marks and bruises and evidence of my work. That
enjoyment must show through to all of my lovely sluts (pain and otherwise)

“Dear Princess Autumn,

What a fantastic day i had squirming around pretending to pay attention in
class as my mind remembered the way You used and bruised me over and over
yesterday. i was delighted when the tight jeans i wore constantly reminded
me of how sweet You were to spend so much time making sure that wonderful
feeling would last for several days. i woke up early and immediately began
poking around, because right now Princess Autumn, You are the first thing
i like to think about each morning. i looking forward to going to the gym
tomorrow because that is always a special treat after playing with You. It
seems i stay erotically charged by these pleasurable experiences You give
me and i can hardly contain my excitement as i try to patiently await our
next appointment. You really seem to enjoy what You do and You make me so

Thank You,

Your Grateful Painslut”